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Welcome to the public outreach website for the MAARBLE (Monitoring, Analyzing and Assessing Radiation Belt Loss and Energization) project. Through this website we intend to provide you simplified science information concerning the project, its focus and its outcomes.

The Van Allen radiation belts are two torus-shaped regions encircling the Earth, in which high-energy charged particles are trapped by the geomagnetic field. Radiation belt variability is of outstanding scientific interest and is also of relevance to any human endeavour in space, as it has direct impacts on spacecraft as well as on humans in space. Although the radiation belts were discovered in the early years of the space era by the Explorer satellites, we still have no complete understanding of radiation belt dynamics.

The MAARBLE project employs spacecraft monitoring of the geospace environment, complemented by ground-based magnetometer monitoring, in order to analyze and assess the physical mechanisms leading to radiation belt particle energization and loss. Particular attention is paid to the role of ultra low frequency electromagnetic waves, which are known to play a crucial role in the efficient energization of particles.

For details on the science involved in the MAARBLE project visit our Science web page (http://www.maarble.eu/project).