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The Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP) of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), was founded in 1962 and first directed by Nobel Laureate W. Libby. The Space Physics Center within IGPP has six faculty members and two dozen researchers, and is the oldest organized unit within the IGPP. Areas of interest include space plasma simulation, planetary plasma physics, space physics and instrumentation development. The center is particularly active in providing scientists with access to high quality data through the NASA Planetary Data System; in the development of technology for space research; and in data management and in education. Examples of previous projects include: PVO, ISEE, Polar, Cluster, Galileo, Cassini, ST5, and THEMIS, while upcoming projects include: ARTEMIS, DSP and MMS. More specifically, THEMIS and ARTEMIS data project management takes place by IGPP, and the development of the THEMIS Data Analysis System (TDAS) has taken shape thanks to experience of IGPP researchers as combined with UC Berkeley Space Science Laboratory past practices.

Main tasks: IGPP/UCLA will contribute to WP3 and WP4.