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The Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) at the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) is one of the 3 NOA Institutes. IAASARS is engaged in space sciences and space applications (in particular Sun-Earth connection and Earth Observation), as well as in astrophysics and remote sensing; currently it has a permanent staff of 30, plus 40 contracted scientists (mostly post-docs). NOA/IAASARS has participated in numerous EC and ESA-funded projects and space missions. Examples include missions Rosetta (science responsibility for the SREM unit), BepiColombo (Co-I status in the SERENA suite), PROBA-3 (partner of ASPIICS coronagraph consortium); the EC projects: FP7-Space "Space-Data Routers", FP7-Space "SAFER", FP7-Infrastructures "EuroPlaNeT Research Infrastructure", eContent "DIAS - European Digital Upper Atmosphere Server" (coordinator), FP7-ICT "TELEIOS-Virtual Observatory Infrastructure for Earth Observation Data", FP6-IST "SatNEx" and FP7-ICT "SatNEx II"; and the ESA projects: "SREM Solar Particle Event scientific analysis" (coordinator), "Extension of SREM SPE scientific analysis"(coordinator), "Urban Heat Islands", "Thermopolis", "Risk-EOS" and "SatNEx III".


Main tasks: IAASARS/NOA will lead WP1 and WP5 and will contribute to all other WPs.