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UCLA Personnel

Dr Drew Turner is an Assistant Research Physicist at IGPP. He graduated from the University of Colorado in November 2010, under the supervision of Prof. Xinlin Li, where he did his thesis on the topic of relativistic electron sources in Earth's outer radiation belt. During his graduate studies, he was the lead author of six peer-reviewed journal papers, three of which have already been published and three that are currently under review. The topics of these papers focus on outer radiation belt data analysis and modelling using data from several different missions and a magnetopause disturbance event observed by THEMIS. His current interests include radiation belt modelling, data assimilation and analysis, instrument design, and modelling detector response to relativistic particle fluxes. Dr Turner will lead the efforts of UCLA team.

Prof Vassilis Angelopoulos is the THEMIS principal investigator. He has been active in the instrument, spacecraft and mission design and development; and in the design of the extended THEMIS investigation. He has been an author or co-author of more than 150 publications in the field of space physics research. He has been active in the definition of the data products, processing tools and in the scientific analysis of THEMIS data. He currently supervises 6 graduate students engaged in THEMIS research. Angelopoulos is a faculty member in the Earth and Space Sciences department and a member of IGPP. He and his team were awarded NASA/GSFC and NASA/HQ group achievement awards for the successful delivery, launch and operations of the THEMIS probes. Angelopoulos has also received the Macelwane Medal from AGU in 2001, the Zeldovich medal from COSPAR in 2000, and the Fred Scarf award by AGU in 1994, and has been a Fulbright scholar in 1986-1992.

Patrick Cruce is a Programmer Analyst at IGPP. He has been actively engaged in scientific programming over the last 3 years. He has made seminal contributions to the THEMIS Data Analysis System, including active involvement in the development of the Graphical User Interface. Prior to that, he was engaged in database management of the THEMIS mission operations database including housekeeping data from the THEMIS instruments. He has been a member of the THEMIS team since 2006. He graduated in 2006 from the Computer Sciences Department at UC Berkeley.

Aaron Flores is a Programmer Analyst at IGPP. He has been actively engaged in TDAS programming over the last 2 years, including specialized code for visualization and processing of particle distribution functions, database management of data products. He has made seminal contributions in the Quality Assurance aspects of the database and software dissemination. He graduated in 2008 from the Physics Department at UCLA.