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University of Alberta Personnel

Prof. Ian R. Mann is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Space Physics in the Department of Physics at the UofA. He is also the inaugural Principal and Co-Director of the UofA Institute for Space Science, Exploration and Technology and was named by the Caldwell Partners International and the Globe and Mail as one of "Canada's Top-40-Under-40" in 2009. He is an expert in the experimental and theoretical analysis of ULF waves, and their impact on energetic particles in the magnetosphere. He is the PI of the CARISMA ground-based magnetometer array, having led its $1.3M CAD expansion to 28 stations and the addition of a new network of 8 pairs of induction coil magnetometers, and is the PI of the proposed Canadian Space Agency (CSA) Outer Radiation Belt Injection, Transport, Acceleration and Loss Satellite (ORBITALS) small satellite mission. He is also a Co-I on the NASA THEMIS mission, on the NASA Radiation Belt Storm Probes mission due for launch in 2012, on the proposed ESA EidoSCOPE mission, was a member of the Science Working Teams for the CSA element of the proposed SCOPE mission, and for the ESA Cross-Scale mission. Author or coauthor of more than 100 refereed scientific papers. He will lead WP4, and co¬ordinate the oveall efforts of the University of Alberta team in completing tasks in WP3 and WP4.

Dr. Louis Ozeke is an expert in theory of coupled MHD waves in the magnetosphere. He has also recently developed a physics-based, energy-dependent, ULF-wave-driven radial diffusion model.

Dr. Maria Usanova is an expert in the ground- and space-based analysis of EMIC waves, and their role in energetic particle precipitation with both Cluster and THEMIS (Usanova et al., 2008, 2010).

Dr. Illia Silin, is an expert in the hybrid simulations of non-linear EMIC and Whistler wave evolution, and will run these codes and warm plasma dispersion solvers to assess wave-MeV electron interactions.

Mr. Kyle Murphy is a PhD student active in the analysis of ground-based magnetometer data, including Pi1, Pi2 and Pc5 ULF waves, having recently characterized of 20 years of Pc5 CARISMA ULF data.