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Radiation Belts session at EGU2014

Session ST2.4/PS5.4 "Radiation Belt Dyanamics"
at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014, Vienna (Austria), 27 April - 2 May 2014

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This session aims to discuss recent and anticipated progress in radiation belt research. We solicit presentations on the effects of global magnetospheric processes and local wave-particle interactions on radiation belt dynamics, as well as on aspects of belt coupling with the ring current and the plasmasphere. Of particular interest is the relative impact of various electromagnetic waves for particle acceleration, transport, and loss. The session is especially timely because of relevant research funded by the Seventh Framework Programmes (SPACECAST and MAARBLE projects) and the results of NASA's Van Allen Probes (RBSP) mission. Papers on similar processes operating in the radiation belts of the other planets will be also be especially welcome.

Invited speakers:  Sebastien Bourdarie, Julien Girard, Craig Kletzing, Barry Mauk, Harlan Spence
Convener: Ioannis A. Daglis
Co-conveners: R. B. Horne, Ian Mann, Elias Roussos